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Text appearing in all capital letters suggests one of two things, either yelling or someone unable to unlock the Caps Lock key. While I remain unforgiving of this digital faux pas, the show WANT.HERE.YOU.NOW, currently on exhibit at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts certainly warrants attention (now, actually). Curated by the center’s Curator of Public Programs, Katya Min, the show brings together three Bay Area artists — Ana Teresa Fernandez, Jennifer Locke, and Kenneth Lo — for an examination of time.

Time doesn’t change. It is linear and flat. But all too often we hear there never enough of it, or sense it as fragmented, or feeling as if it is at a stand still. Yet it is our perception and selfishness that lead us to believe it is something we have the ability to control. The title of the exhibition suggests an immediacy — much like the urgency of the new begs us to see the latest cat videos, political activity, or what bagel our friend is having this morning. Who doesn’t want to be urgently wanted?

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The Urgency of Desire Meets the Immutability of Time
August 07, 2013

Review for Hyperallergic