Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of being in conversation with writer, culture critic, curator, and artist, Ben Valentine at ZERO1 for the Bring It! Summer programming. Admittedly, it was a small and intimate group that joined us for the talk. When I got home, I read and wrote because I walked away from the evening with many big ideas. One of the things that kept coming up (even well into this week as I mull over the discussion), was a question by ZERO1 curator Jaime Austen. It had to do with responsibility.

What do you feel is your responsibility in terms of my writing, research, and scholarship?

There are so many ways to answer the question. Being a blogger since 2007, I’ve experienced different ways of looking at my writing practice, research, and what this means not only for me but the community I am trying to build around writing, critical theory, arts and technology. It definitely starts somewhere and a writer/theorist life can be rather lonely because it’s not as prolific and doesn’t promise benefits from efforts made to produce content (whether its for media outlets, a personal blog, and/or for print). So, how did I answer the question…well, I’d like to think that the work I’m putting into the community is helping answer that question.

Do you have a story around your commitment to the arts? What do you feel is your responsibility? How do you feel the virtual landscape facilities and allows or hinders and distracts your objectives? I would love to read your stories.

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It’s been a great year thus far! Finished my first year of grad school, slowly but surely working on my programming skills for the Internet Archive Tumblr Residency, working on a book chapter, research for my thesis, and working through some ideas for the art21 Blogger in Residency this month! It’s been extremely busy in the academic and the (freelance) writing sides of my life. To top it off, I’m happy to say I had a piece recently published to the online art magazine Hyperallergic. As the tag line states, it’s an online space/place “sensitive to art & its discontents”. You will certainly find some provocative readings on contemporary art and distinct voices. It’s a pleasure and an honor to have a review published. The piece is about the exhibition WANT.HERE.YOU.NOW showing at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA). Check out the exhibit, read the review, and please feel free to comment. I’m definitely interested in your thoughts and observations. I’m supposed to be on vacation at the moment BUT I had to share. 🙂 Thanks again for reading and please let me know your thoughts on the show if you make your way over to YBCA. Cheers!!

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This summer has been extremely eventful. Amongst research, reading, writing, and just generally trying to get and keep my act together, I’m delighted that I’m the Blogger-in-Residence with art21!! Wow. I’m absolutely honored and thrilled about this opportunity. Please check it out and comment on the writing. I’m completely open to the dialogue and welcome it. While I don’t particularly care for disparaging remarks, if you disagree with anything I write, please comment. I invite you to offer up something you feel I overlook or ask a question. While the residency takes on a bit of an experimental platform writing-wise, I would love to yield recommendations of artists to look at as well as diverse views on artists, new media arts, and exploring the concept of networks (the theme for both July and August!). Happy Reading and, most importantly, thank YOU for your support. 🙂