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Art Writing, Art Criticism, Tomato, Tomatoe, whatever – Part I

For fun, I googled “art writing” and the third result piqued my interest – 10 Writing Tips from the Masters (insert link to website here). However, to spare you some time, they are listed below: Cut the boring parts. Eliminate unnecessary words. Write with passion. Paint a picture. Keep it simple. Do it for love. […]


Writing Process

I know this is an art writing blog but I felt compelled to write about my (art) writing process. It’s simple: I journal (everyday). That’s right, folks, I still journal. Or, keep a diary. I’ve done this since January 2006. I love the act of writing organically. With technology, the mind processes many bits of […]

Art Performance and Conceptual

Marina Abramovic, Performance Artist

In my Power 100 post, I noted Marina Abramovic as an artist featured on the list. She’s, certainly, one of my favorite artist. Her pieces entail notions of self with Other, limitations of the body, and physical endurance. Due to the write-up I’m currently working on for the La Postra Nostra collective, I wanted to keep the posts on this particular […]

Art Art Theory and Movements

a Los Angeles aesthetic

One of my new favorite blogs – a Los Angeles aesthetic! This recent grad has much to say about contemporary art and her blog is filled with reflections and photography. As a matter of fact, her entries remind me to carve time out of my busy schedule to address the things I love outside of the office. Her […]