Visual Arts

Asterisk Celebration and Inaugural Gallery Exhibition

Hello Friends and Family, Asterisk has a home! This friday, we will be have a celebration and inaugural gallery exhibition featuring our published artists – Boris Jovanovic, Christina Mazza, Erik Otto, Carissa Potter, Jennifer Wasson, and Trev Yoder. Here are the details for this Friday… Please come by and enjoy food and drinks at ASTERISK SAN FRANCISCO Magazine […]

Art Writing and Criticism Painting

Asterisk SF Magazine Article on painter Aaron Nagel

Painting requires the artist to solve problems both physical and mental. It requires patience, a keen awareness of traditional elements, a deft understanding of color, and a mastery of composition so that the viewer’s eyes move fluidly and effortlessly through the subject and its environment. From abstraction to photo-realism, a well-executed painting offers visual stimulation […]