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The Body Organic: Recreating Gesture through Digital Art ~ Part I

  Art relies on the body as a means to produce. Painting and sculpting are overt examples of the solitary and traditional artist. As the world grows more interconnected through the internet and mobile devices, new media artists are finding ways to incorporate the body as a means of art production. The viewer becomes the […]

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New Art Love ~ Michelle Higa

When you’re constantly on the look out for great art, you will find it. Please check out Michelle Higa’s work by clicking on the screenshot above. Latest work, Active Ecosystem (SMF)¬†with Camille Utterback.

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Processing and Creative Coding as a medium for the Arts

Being a volunteer at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts has given me access to some amazing resources. It’s been both an enriching and engaging experience. I’ve met some of the most creative minds (ever) volunteering and one of the latest ventures involves Processing. At first, there was a fair bit of trepidation taking the […]