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Google Goggles Application | Arts and Technology at Work

Click on the image above and check out Google’s new application, Google Goggles. The introductory video showcases Google’s new visual search application for Android phones. Basically, you can take a picture of ANYTHING and Google Goggles will provide the information you’re looking for. For example, don’t know the name of a landmark or a mysterious […]

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Future/Canvas2: The Emerging Medium of iPad Art

Future/Canvas 2 will be exhibiting digital artists at the Gray Area Arts Foundation for the Arts this June! As much as I love a good ole pencil to draw and brush to paint, the iPad artists showcasing at this year’s Future/Canvas will not disappoint. After viewing the Future/Canvas site, you will definitely want to see […]

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Art and technology make a great pair

Technology on its own just isn’t as fun. It needs art. To some extent, I do agree with the following… The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people. ~Karl Marx Artists are extremely USEFUL people.

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Marilyn Monroe, Sex, and Film on a Cold Night

The Office Marilyn Monroe [sic] Film by Tim Roseborough, Courtesy of the Artist Lately, it’s been ridiculously cold but I know my west coast, home-grown California tuchus┬áhasn’t experienced real cold weather. Yes, my east coast friends, I know this Bay Area weather is nothing. Someone please┬áremind me to not say “Geez, it’s awfully cold out” […]

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Tim Roseborough, New Media Artist

This past year has been filled with pleasant surprises in the arts, in particular, New Media Art. One of the co-founders, Tim Roseborough, of the UpgradeSF node is a New Media artist I’ve been paying a lot of attention to lately. Not only am I intrigued by digital and multi-media art, I’m enthralled by the […]

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Public Isolation Project

Being on medical leave (for knee surgery) subjected me to RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate – Thanks, BFF and Google), reading and playing Words with Friends (via my iPhone). Since I love being outdoors, taking walks (anywhere and, sometimes, aimlessly), it’s safe to assume the recuperation period has been challenging and makes me rather talkative […]