What’s in a name?

ex·ter·o·cep·tive/ˌekstərōˈseptiv/ Adjective: Relating to stimuli that are external to an organism.* in·ter·o·cep·tive/ˌintərōˈseptiv/ Adjective: Relating to stimuli produced within an organism, esp. in the gut and other internal organs.* *From Google Dictionary   A fellow blogger, Mo, asked me where I got my name, Extero/InterCeptive. It’s definitely worth answering but I didn’t think I’d have to answer so […]

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It’s All a Blur…not really

It’s All a Blur is far from a blur when you consider the show’s theme does not really have much to do with temporality. Walking through the exhibition is nothing like walking through a flurry of sales at the mall or a bustling city block. The Blur artists take what is often fuzzy in our lives and sharpens our focus. […]

Yes, I will. No try. I will post every day in 2011!

Dear Friends and Family, Surprisingly, writing on my art blog everyday is not a resolution for 2011! Rather, I’ve decided to form a habit. It’s been said that it takes up to 6 weeks (to form a habit, that is) so here’s my shot at writing, publicly, in 2011! How is this different from a […]

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A History of the Body by the Pagbabalik Project

Who said beauty doesn’t matter? Similar to art, beauty’s ubiquitous and enigmatic nature is ever-present in our visual landscape. It is not just on billboards, in magazines, or the growing number of photographs we see of others (i.e., seeing our own ‘beautiful’ friends on social networking sites as we all re-define self-portraiture in this digital age) but even deep seeded in our histories, […]