Hidden Labors and Sonic Tensions, 2023 (ongoing), a collaboration with artist and scholar Abram Stern, print media, handmade book

Imaginary Relay, For Andy, 2023, print media

The Degradation of Speech, 2023, video

The Cyborg’s Prosody, 2022 (in progress)

Do No Harm, 2017-Present (in progress)

#cosmicpropulsions, 2021, writing

Pulse, 2021, multi-media

Press 1 to be Connected, 2019, multi-media

Domain Errors, 2018, interactive fiction

Swallowing my Boredom, 2017, interactive fiction

Body in Transit, 2016 (writer), collaboration with artist Surabhi Saraf

The Great Sublimation, 2016, (writer), a collaboration with artist and scholar Elia Vargas, Ph.D.