Support Oakland Artists!

Although I’m a San Francisco Native, I LOVE Oakland immensely and believe the Support Oakland Artists organization has set up a great web site to survey the community and create services and increase resources to the art community.

2 responses to “Support Oakland Artists!”

  1. Hello Dorothy,

    Randolph Belle of Support Oakland Artists here. Thanks for the mention of the SOA site. I’m also an SF native but have been in Oakland promoting the arts community since ’91. The Art Census is an ongoing initiative, so if you have an opportunity to tell other individuals or groups, please do. I also hope that I can keep in contact as I have updates.

    1. Hi Randolph! Thanks so much for finding me. I posted the SOA site link on my tumblr as well ( and extremely supportive of your organization because it provides actual data on the arts community that will inevitiably help provide opportunities to artists that may need funding and/or more exposure! Please keep me apprised of your work and I will certainly continue to play my part in the community to help spread news and updates! Just let me know and consider it done! All the best!

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