The Artist Statement

Hello there!

I had a post ready to go yesterday and realized, this isn’t ready.

So, I wanted to send something fun your way because a sense of humor is important, especially with art. I will definitely post again today (talk about a twofer!) but, for now, to keep with my post-a-day goal, here’s the Tuesday, January 12th posting…

The Artist Statement Generator 2000

Enjoy and have a laugh!

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2 responses to “The Artist Statement”

  1. Ha ha! Here’s an excerpt from mine: “My mixed media castles embody an idiosyncratic view of Buddha, yet the familiar imagery allows for a connection between Elvis, machines and hamburgers.”

    Have you ever tried the postmodern essay generator?

    1. MO! The postmodern essay generator is, ummmm, RAD!!!!! How the heck did you find this. So, awesome. I will definitely try it and send you some text. Amazing. Absolutely amazing! 🙂 Thank you!!!

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