Urban Visual Landscape – Dog Eared Books Portraits

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Life has been incredibly draining past few days. I had to post one of the little things that makes me happy and reminds me to keep my head up and move forward (always). One of my favorite pastimes involves walking along the Valencia corridor in San Francisco’s Mission District and take pictures. With a lot on my mind and busy (like everyone else), I wanted to post portraits found on the store front of one of my favorite book stores, Dog Eared Books. What can you do with a little time, some imagination, scrap paper, and a ball point pen? Here’s your answer. I’ve been wanting to post these for the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Urban Visual Landscape – Dog Eared Books Portraits”

  1. These are really neat! They totally remind me of the portraits in Britannica’s “Great Books” series. It must be really great out in Cali to be able to walk down the street and see cool stuff like this just hanging in a window! Oh, and I know what you mean re life being a drain… it totally is for me right now as well. But I’m glad I saw this from you! Maybe soon I will visit all of the blogs I’ve been missing out on lately… especially yours! Take Care!

    1. Ah, thank you so much, das! I’ve been extremely busy, both professionally and personally, I haven’t had time to fully digest your piece on Democracy but from what I could tell, I do appreciate your candor. I love that you are sharing your thirst for knowledge.

      About San Francisco, yeah, it’s pretty amazing like that. Just art…everywhere…and muralism has a special place in my heart because there are so many places with beautiful murals! Thanks again for visiting! Hope you’re well.

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