Paolo Sambrano, Writer and Solo Performer

We’ve all got our own ways of dealing with pain and suffering but there’s a way of expressing those emotions to the world in a productive way. One way is on the stage as a solo performer BUT it’s got to be done well to be authentic. It was a real treat to see Paolo Sambrano combine poignant storytelling and hilarity in such a deftly manner. Unfortunately, his first solo show, Bi-Poseur, had its last run BUT I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a bevy of people begging for a repeat performance. It was amazing to watch him perform. I’m a lucky lady to have met this man when he was in his teens and my goodness, has he grown up and become even more of a powerhouse. He was a brilliant teenager, which makes sense that he is a brilliant adult. Check out the video above and support him (his shows are completely out of his own pocket)! He’s currently working on his second show, I Get Wet. He is one to watch…

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