Writing Block the size of the Transamerica Building

Photo from Wikipedia

No joke.

I’ve got some serious writer’s block the size of the Transamerica Pyramid building. It doesn’t help that I imagine a block of this size wedged into the Temporal lobe of my brain. Granted, this is all imaginary but my brain is feeling the effects of overuse at this very moment. Overall, it has been a great week and I had the opportunity to meet some smart, innovative minds while volunteering at the Summer of Smart event @ Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. Amongst the Smart folks, I met journalist and SF GovFresh blogger, Jessica Pearce and Artist/Technologist/Development Community Manager for Speek, Matt Nolan. I even wrapped up the weekend interviewing talented painter, Aaron Nagel (by the way, he paints portraits of female nudes that some of you may find NSFW, just letting you know now before you click on his name). Tonight, I’ve been immersing myself in Ars Virtua‘s latest virtual exhibition look art.

The continual stream of information on art, new media arts, and looking at art history (modern and contemporary, as of late) and amassing all of this wonderful intellectual and visual information reminds me that I need to take a break every now and again. I’m feeling tired.

There, I said it. This energizer bunny needs a boost.

Fun fact: I don’t drink coffee (okay, fine, I drink tea but not everyday) and I don’t consume energy drinks. I really don’t want to resort to them either. All right, I’m going to attempt something relaxing tonight…

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