Call to Action

Artists and writers must be brought back into the bosom of the community, or at least, if the latter is considered to be ill, they must be assigned the task of healing it.

~ Jean-Francois Lyotard, French Philosopher and Literary Theorist

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One response to “Call to Action”

  1. It starts with the devaluing of anything unable to qualify official knowledge of Science/Math. It continues with nurturing a sense of growing suspicion (Google Steve Kurtz) towards all creative energy manifesting into piece/performance(s) etc. It forces artists/writers/filmmakers/sculptors to feel unwelcome, experience exploitation, erasure, oppression. Food jumps from our plates. Blankets retreat from our naked bodies. It gets ugly.

    When we speak of healthcare in this country, this world, we can’t forget the innumerable benefits reaped when a person retracts a learned pattern of self-destruction just to feel a poem (or a line within). How lofty and astringent our society has come to be, teetering on multigenerational amnesia, in regards to the simple medicine of The Story told. Any Story, through any medium, has the regenerative capacity to heal and usually does. Let’s not only make room, let’s demand room. A Call to Action, for sure.

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