Art Practical’s Best of: Year Two

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One of the best tweets (ever)

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A description of Shotgun Reviews on Art Practical by Alyse Mason Brill (an AMAZING editor, by the way)!

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What Alyse had to say about my piece on Tim Roseborough's work, "Notes in/troducing Englyph

5 thoughts on “Art Practical’s Best of: Year Two

  1. Gladys!!! I totally didn’t expect to be selected for the Best of: Year Two Issue for Art Practical (Shotgun Reviews, specifically) and it was an incredible honor to be selected. I’ve been working with my Shotgun Editor this past year and she’s helped me hone my art writing and overall critical thinking. It’s been amazing. Only up from here.

    Thanks again for the kind words and support. It means A LOT, especially coming from you. You’ve definitely been a part of the support system when it comes to my goals and aspirations in the arts.

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