Daily bread

Ah, daily bread can be taken in so many ways.

Daily bread is the sustenance I’ve given my brain for the past eight months around all things art, specifically, New Media. Daily bread includes all the little bits to the gargantuan bits of information I’ve taken in since the beginning of the year. Daily bread equates to the art knowledge, writing practice, and mental agility its taken to wrap my head around concepts and ideas I wouldn’t have touched a few years ago.

At first, it was a challenge to keep an online (daily) inventory of my reflections on art. With new projects and a lot of experience under my belt, this year has been phenomenal. I’ve learned a lot from my mentors, artists, and fellow writers. Daily bread has turned into extraordinary (daily) art feasts with Chimay and the best veggie fare you can imagine, which is just as amazing as that original hipster carpenter turning water into wine. 😉

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