Please support Passenger & Pilot on Kickstarter

Passenger & Pilot

Friends and Family:

I wanted to get the message out there (again) that fellow Asterisk SF Contributor, Jonathan Hirsch’s band, Passenger & Pilot is on Kickstarter and trying to get funding for a full length album. They are a Bay Area band and incredible!

When I first heard their music, I knew, instantly, it was (is) art. If you’re an artist, you know how difficult it is to make art. One needs time, patience, understanding from loved ones, rest (to make more art), fellow artists, and much more. Passenger & Pilot have been working on their album for the past two years with phenomenal results but they, seriously, need our help. I’ve noticed a couple of my friends have become Backers for their project (THANK YOU!!) and would love to see more. Please click here to view their Kickstarter page.

Here’s one of their songs, Time to Come Clean.

Please remember, supporting the arts is important and necessary because it is the one of the things in life that doesn’t fade. You can ALWAYS pull out a beautiful song when you need it. You can’t do that with many things. With music, with art, you can. Thanks so much for helping!! I know Jonathan and the rest of Passenger & Pilot are extremely grateful for your support. 🙂

With gratitude,


PS: If people are willing to help me raise funds for $1000, I would SO LOVE the chance to have a song written for me (or us). I say “me” selfishly on top of a music lesson AND a ravioli dinner. Just putting it out there into the universe. Sigh.

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