Forget about being an art writer and theorist…

I think I might have found my new calling…

I would LOVE two G's right about now…that could mean a number of things but I'm talking specifically about money.

I’m a huge fan of hip hop and listen to it before I need to do anything that needs my full attention and presence (yes, including art writing). Naturally, anything around hip hop and rap intrigues me. So, I couldn’t help but take a picture of this (of all places, IN HAYES VALLEY – What tha?). I’m so tempted to call and find out a bit more about this said rap content BUT trying to muster the courage.

4 responses to “Forget about being an art writer and theorist…”

    1. Thanks, Rosemary! Quite honestly, I posted the picture as a joke. I am curious and would love to learn more about this Rap Contest. If I have time, I might just call. One of my friends, saw the same posting and was very curious.

  1. Seriously, Dorothy, I wouldn’t want the art world to lose you…but you should go for it 😉

    1. Hee hee. Thanks, Alyse! Honestly, the flyer is a work of art! That’s the reason why I took a picture of it. It’s in the strangest place (the lamp post next to Smitten Ice Cream and the mobile Museum of Craft). I couldn’t help but post it. After thinking about it though, I would love a collaboration with Hennessey Youngman. I would so sing the hook or even right a couple of verses.

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