D$ is still going to be an Art Writer and Theorist

Just to confirm, I’m not going to enter a rap contest. Friends and Family, I would have thought that you all knew that was a joke. HOWEVER, I’m extremely happy that whatever crazy bullpoopy idea I have is thoroughly supported by you. Rest assured, I posted that for fun because, of all places, a call for hip hop artists in Hayes Valley? Well, that’s like finding a hippy dippy smoke shop in the Marina. 😉

Also, I posted it because I discovered John McWhorter and want to read his book All about the Beat: Why Hip-Hop Can’t Save Black America AND really loving me some Hennessy Youngman!

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2 responses to “D$ is still going to be an Art Writer and Theorist”

  1. Art Thoughz with D-Santos. It’s gotta ring to it. And every time you enter a gallery, you’d have to yell,”D-SANTOS IN DA HOUSE!!!”

    1. Thanks so much for posting, Michelle! Honestly, I love the fact that whoever put this flyer up called it a ‘rap contest’ versus a battle (which can be used to describe a face off in breakdancing as well). I just thought the flyer itself was art and felt compelled to take a photo of it.

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