Birthday Wish List

It’s that time of year again…my birthday. Although I can’t start a Kickstarter campaign to get the following, I thought it would be worthwhile to throw the things I’ve wanted out into the virtual universe and see if someone bites…imagine if art writers and bloggers were sponsored! Like athletes!! One can dream…

You get a 'Thing' (aka art) in the mail!!!!!! Ummmm, want!

I’ve known about The Thing Quarterly for some time and have wanted a subscription. It would be PERFECT fodder for my art writing practice and I would accumulate some fascinating collectible art. John Herschend and Will Rogan struck gold with this innovative approach to art buying and collecting (and appreciating).

For my lazy-don't-want-to-type-but-just-talk-and-have-the-computer-type-my-ramblings-for-me days

A Dragon Dictate 2.5 that gives me complete command of my Mac using my voice? YES PLEASE! How RAD is this? How awesome is this? I’m wondering, does it give a fu*k about an Oxford comma?

A new eye for my Canon…the bigger the better (seriously), in this case, size actually matters!

After all the photos I’ve taken this year, I realized a bigger lens and a flash would come in handy. I thought giving Best Buy my money and supporting Canon would yield some amazing photographs I would be content with. It did but the more I learn about my camera, the more I want all the bells and whistles. OR, a friend that doesn’t mind lending me all their equipment from time to time. 🙂

Now, seriously, do I really need to explain the awesomeness of this t-shirt? You should know why I want it!

Tony Piro is my hero! Yes, that rhymes, doesn’t it? So, I’ve been a huge fan of Calamities of Nature for a couple of years now and I can’t believe I don’t have a t-shirt. The one above is SCREAMING at me to buy it but I can’t decide. In any case, I would love to start my collection of Calamities of Nature shirts. Feel free to contribute. 😉

Okay, I’ll stop here. I don’t want my Mom reading this post and thinking, “Some things don’t change. This is that same little girl who wrote 20 page letters to Santa – with pictures of all the things she wanted”. So, yeah, these are a few of the things I’ve wanted that give me a lot of inspiration and keep me writing and thinking about the world. Although one or two or all of these things may not be exactly connected to the day-to-day grind of writing (i.e., the t-shirt, for instance), the next big idea may bubble up to the surface whilst wearing or using said items.

In any case, THANK YOU for indulging me but come on…the Dragon Dictate would be WICKED!!! Okay, stopping. 😀

6 responses to “Birthday Wish List”

  1. Ha! These are great ideas for birthday presents. Nothing wrong with dropping a few hints, either 😉 It just makes it easier for loved ones to please you!

    1. Hee hee! Seriously. There are soooooo many things I want (i.e., extensive vocabulary, Alyse Mason Brill Writing/Editing gene, and a cotton candy machine in my living room, etc.) BUT I can’t create some 20 page list…that would just be gratuitous. 😀

  2. i love that you are asking for exactly what it is that you want! the more detail the better! now its on its way 🙂

    1. I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things I would love to get for myself but can’t (at the moment) and hopefully share a bit more of my personality. Thanks so much for reading and posting! 🙂

  3. Yes, I still remember your list….♥Omma

    1. Ha ha! I knew you would read this. Thanks, Omma! Honestly, I have EVERYTHING I need in my life but writing the post reminded me of when I was a little girl and you told me that our Santa didn’t have a lot of money and I totally believed you. Hee hee. Thanks again, Mom! Love you!

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