Get an Occupation!

Because it will be tweeted, FBed, tumbled, blogged, and data visualized! Yes!

I couldn’t help but post some virtual spaces I’ve found quite helpful (you know, I didn’t pay a lot of attention in Honors Economics in high school) since the start of Occupy Wall Street. Each one captures and documents this incredibly fascinating and revolutionary time in our current US economic state. Granted, I’m sitting in my cubicle posting this BUT like many Americans, I need to work to be a great employee to get paid…just to have to do it all over again every pay period. 

Everybody has a story and it’s wonderful to see that I can keep myself apprised of what’s going on in our nation. Technology has its benefits (Side note: Have you been to a hack-a-thon? Artists, technologists, scientists, etc. getting together to make change?!) and citizens across the US and around the world are connecting and testing their governments. Hmmm…I wonder what Marx would say about the Occupations of US city streets (He would probably want in on the action)? We are all interconneted and I’m glad I have the opportunity to educate myself everyday (from CNN to BBC to Guerilla News Network). 

You may know the sites below but thought I would share anyway.  If you have any to recommend, please feel free to post a comment and share!!

We are the 99 Percent

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Together

American Economic Alert

Code for America

New America Media


SF Public Press

Here are some fancy virtual data spots on the web:

Flowing Data

Google Public Data Explorer

Waze (Gotta plug Waze! You will know where the Occupations are happening!)

3 responses to “Get an Occupation!”

  1. Thanks for the links…will check them out…I have demand to add to their protest list once developed. Abolish the cubicle:)

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and checking the list out. I enjoy searching the web for interesting sites and enjoy researching new media artists and learning about creative coding, etc. So, it’s great to see a lot of different ways people are sharing knowledge and connecting. Thanks again! Your site is great and looking forward to your posts.

  2. This is it Mz. Santos. You have It right here. Thank you for gathering the goodies. I struggle watching the livestreams because the acoustics are a bit challenging (realtime subtitles –people). Needless to say, most of the web is hearing-impaired friendly. Though the web may be friendly for this type of communication, I must say, Twitter is quite obviously flubbing their trending lists omitting many occupy trends. I’m wondering if many of these social media centers have ethics boards.

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