A New Way to Use the Body

Screenshot of Artist, Ariana Page Russell (Source: Artist web site)

I’m always intrigued by artists who find new and creative ways to use the body in art.

Ariana Page Russell has not only used her body in a unique way, she has taken her skin condition and incorporated it into her creative process. Reminiscent of some of my all time favorite female artists Ana Mendieta, Marina Abramovic, and Hannah Wilke (who suffered from Lymphoma, a type of cancer), Russell has taken her own body to create provocative work. She has reinvigorated the concept of body and how it serves as an active canvas.

I would LOVE to see a collaborative work or an exhibition with Ariana Page Russell and Laura Splan! Better yet, I would love to curate a show with them in it. Please click on the link above to view Russell’s site and learn more about her work.

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4 responses to “A New Way to Use the Body”

  1. At first glance, ripples of free association inspire an immediate linkage to Karen Finley http://karenfinley.com Ariana Page Russell handles a haunting glare in this screenshot. I have been ingesting this image for days. She certainly has “reinvigorated the concept of body and how it serves as an active canvas”. It feels as if her glare is working in tandem with a singular vignette detailed with red paint. I am inspired. Thank you for bringing this to my attention/intention.

    You are certainly one to watch. Dorothy, I feel as if you are a scout working the same Earth, in a different direction, returning with ripened fruit, vivid…..languid asking us all, at each instance, to take a sip.

    1. You are too kind, Liz. I wanted you to check out another artist – Janine Antonini! 😉

      1. Send me the best link for her and I will!

    2. This is a great link to learn a bit more about Antonini ~ http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/antoni/

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