Are you on Rhizome?

Looking to connect with New Media Artists, Writers, Curators, and the Community! Are you on Rhizome?

Hey Friends! Are you on Rhizome? I would love to connect and have discussions about new media arts, artists, upcoming shows, and share favorite artworks.

For those unfamiliar with the site, please check it out and if it piques your interest, feel free to join and let’s have discussions about the work! Click on the screenshot above to learn more about Rhizome!

2 responses to “Are you on Rhizome?”

  1. Hey Dorothy,
    I’m not on Rhizome, but a NY friend of mine – Donna Kessinger ( is. If you’d like, I could hook you up with her over email. She’s awesome, and you could maybe meet up while you’re in NY.

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Michelle! Would love to connect with her via e-mail, if possible. My gf and I are definitely doing a gallery day and it would be nice to meet up with her at some point. If not, we can totally connect via Rhizome and e-mail. 🙂 Looking forward to some studio time and learning from you when I get back. Looking forward to it. Thanks again!!

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