Bumper Stickers and Bathroom Walls

Bumper Sticker in an SF Parking Garage

My apologies for the poor resolution and clarity on these photos. I took them using my phone. Typically, I have a steady hand but I was in a hurry (especially taking the bumper sticker shot) and someone was waiting to use the restroom at the café.

I had to post these photos because it reminded me of the alternative ways to communicate with people. Granted, you have a limited audience but these forms of communication will be around for some time (even in this technology-laden age). The bumper sticker and bathroom walls remain a constant source of entertainment and contemplation. I wonder why bathroom walls or bumper stickers are way more interesting to read than virtual interactions? Let’s face it, people post incredibly inane stuff online. I know you’re with me on this one. 😉

Bathroom Scribblings

2 responses to “Bumper Stickers and Bathroom Walls”

  1. I love reading bathroom walls—so much so that sometimes I’m embarrassed by how long I’ve unwittingly spent in the stall. I love imagining who, and under what conditions, penned their confessions of love, hate, or far more banal sentiments.

    One other area I think you should cover: vanity plates (AKA my pet peeve).

    1. Oh goodness, Alyse! You totally read my mind!! I, too, dislike (immensely) vanity plates. In the future, I’m certain license plates will be QR Codes, which would replace vanity plates. Whoa…something to think about…

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