Call for Bloggers on Art of Hustle [.com]

Call for Bloggers!! Click the image above!! ~ Image Source: Art of Hustle Website

If you’re a writer and blogger, you know the challenges involved with coming up with new content while staying motivated and keeping yourself apprised of what is going on out there. The emergence of bloggers all over the world, many perceive blogging by many as “…Not writing but graffiti with punctuation“. However, the truly serious stick with it, learn from their mistakes, open to constructive criticism, and reap the benefits of their hard work. It’s been a truly productive, energetic, and inspiring year (to say the least). Yet, in looking forward to 2012, I’m also trying to find opportunities to tighten my writing practice, find some new readership that will not only read but engage with me, and continue writing about my passion – art (specifically, discovering and writing about emerging new media artists).

That said, do you have a success story or tips you would like to share with writers and bloggers out there in the blogosphere? Consider submitting a blog pitch to the founder, Anthem Salgado, of phenomenal resource Art of Hustle and get your writing seen and read. 🙂

2 responses to “Call for Bloggers on Art of Hustle [.com]”

  1. Thanks for posting this D! I know that this post will serve as such a useful tool to the many bloggers out there and inspiration to the many who would love to create their own blog.

    BTW, in regards to the shopping date…LETS! Your call Sis! Holla at your boy!

    Much Love & Respect to you & your lady! Happy New Year!

    1. Bloggers unite! Seriously, Art of Hustle is a great resource and just wanted to help promote writers and bloggers who are committed and motivated to providing the public quality content about their passion (whatever that passion may be). It’s been a great year and hoping for the best in 2012. Thanks for being so supportive and wishing you all the best. 🙂 Much love and respect to you as well.

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