Paint your pictures, no PC needed

Since it’s re-blog Monday, I figured I would search some of my favorite blogs and share something wonderful with you. This Monday, I wanted to pass on Hack a Day post on The Light Painting Stick. Check it out and if you end up creating some art work, please send it my way. I would love to post to my blog and share with readers. Enjoy!


LEDs and and cameras always make a fun mixture, and its not all that hard to have quite a bit of fun as well. The Light Painting Stick is similar to other long exposure camera tricks like LightScythe and gets about the same reults. The difference is the Light Painting Stick is self contained meaning you don’t have to drag nearly as much stuff along with you to have fun.

Hardware used is HL1606 controlled RGB led strip commonly found at Adafruit, the brains are a Leaf Labs Maple micro controller board with an SD card and some human interfaces attached, and is powered by a 6 volt lantern battery.

Images are 64*infinity 24 bit BMP files which means there is not much fuss preparing your graphics other than doing a simple rotate. You can select which image is displayed by using a 2 way switch and the LEDs…

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2 thoughts on “Paint your pictures, no PC needed

  1. This is embarrassing, but I wanted to put a ‘Like’ post on this, but being somewhat new to this (cyber)world, I could not log in because that information hasn’t sunk in yet. My apologies, I’ll be working on it.

    I like it because it educates us to the wonders and miracles of science that are at our disposal.

    1. Ah, thank you, Sis! I’m actually trying to work on a Facebook functionality where people can ‘Like’ my posts outside of the WordPress world/domain. Thanks for reminding me that I need to work on this capability.

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