Curator’s Code

I have not fallen off the radar. It’s been a few days but I’m back and will be gathering content for the next week. Life has taken some pretty sharp turns (all for the good) but I’ve fared relatively well. Ideally, I would love to post everyday but 2011 taught me that curating content is extremely difficult when you’re grappling with how to keep consistent quality! Being a huge fan of BrainPickings, Maria Popova has the right idea about attribution and. Talk about the master of content and information gathering on arts, culture, science, and technology, she’s definitely created an interesting resource with Curator’s Code. I learned about the Code on the heels of reading this short piece titled, How to Cite a Tweet in an Academic Paper. It will be interesting to see the Code evolve over time. In theory, it’s a phenomenal concept, especially with re-appropriation of images and content being more susceptible to plagiarism. The intricacies of content, data, and visual language run rampant in virtual space and, quite frankly, as an art writer and blogger, I really (truly) appreciate something that brings to the forefront a method that attempts to help organize the way we are informed. It will be challenging, being that clicking away from one interesting site to another simulates stream of consciousness and we all know how difficult it is to wrangle our own thoughts. Fortunately, the Curator’s Code will help harness and actually pay homage to the content that inspires and educates us.

2 responses to “Curator’s Code”

  1. Yep, ‘seems like the Curator’s Code is timely and welcome and vital in many respects, and for my lacking refined terminology, something of an art watchdog.

    Of the little I remember about what Carl Jung said is that the collective unconscious, particularly the artists’ art, have predicted and will predict subconsciously through their art, what happened 100 years ago, and 100 years to come!

    (Anybody is welcome to edit this, just to avoid any semblance of plagiarism.) I’m almost sure. If I’m wrong then it’s Rollo May..

    1. No worries. The fact that you know a lot about psychology and engaged in the arts is so awesome. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the Curator’s Code goes and how it progresses. I think it is important to cite and attribute research. It’s important and imperative if we want to know where things are derived from. Then again, this is probably most important to academics and writers. Either way, it’s a great habit to get into.

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