Information Gathering (Minus the Heavy Encyclopedias) ~ How do you research and gather information?

What is Curation? from Percolate on Vimeo.

Brooklyn based Creatives, m ss ng p eces, created a video (for Percolate) asking some of the top information gatherers or content curators what curation looks like in our highly globalized and heavily virtual, interactive, internet based world. It’s definitely important for someone like me who wants to hone my writing, physical/virtual curatorial skills, and overall ability to research.

3 responses to “Information Gathering (Minus the Heavy Encyclopedias) ~ How do you research and gather information?”

  1. I like what little I got (I have to try another computer because the video and audio I got was choppy.)

    But what I felt of what little I got was positive, pleasant and anything I could learn and understand about the Internet and people I need to and welcome.

    (I’m going to watch it again later.)

    I still have to check the Interactive Guessing Game on my ToDo List (technical difficulties).

    1. I definitely enjoyed the video with content curators (I’m a huge fan of Maria Popova). In any case, if you did download the app, please let me know what you think. I’ve very curious of your first impression.

  2. (Once again I accidentally wiped out all my previous content. Real smart.)

    I watched the video ‘What is Curation’ a second time. I was impressed by what I saw to be gentle, creative minds engaging in a mish-mash of ideas. Babes, as it were, like a new genre of librarians inheriting the unprecedented, daunting task of having to process, create, innovate and deliver from within a new frontier. Information glut, within a stream of endless possibilities and untold of landscapes..

    I believe there is a new seed that evolves from every interaction, and because of the ‘Net the fluidity and creativeness of ideas as a consequence will spew out exponentially in size and growth in a medium of greased lightning.

    Not a novel idea, of course. The ‘Net has always been there, along with the constant unknowns from which we grapple, striving for victory towards finding our destinies.

    Now I feel like a braggadocio blabbering out ideas I wish to convey- to a loftier, educated, and more intelligent set of minds. (This is not to belittle myself, mind you) Ideas that come out in a nebulous, chaotic manner simply because the tools, for which this person would like to convey a more streamlined set of ideas that are easy to follow, are lacking- and for that I apologize.


    As for the Interactive Guessing Game, Filipino or Not- I really wanted to play, but I couldn’t (put a sad emoticon in here) because I have no iAnythings anymore . I do though have a 4G, a 3G, and a pre-paid phone that have apps and apps which I haven’t yet used. But I’ll catch up because I HAVE to.

    From what I saw in the teaser, though, I wouldn’t score in flying colors like I thought I might. But playing it is a good idea in that it compels us, in a tongue-in-cheek manner to, take a serious look and re-examine ourselves, our values, and how we fit and contribute to our respective cultures.

    Anyway, allow me to boldly state what I think to be the quintessential Filipino:

    Brilliant, bodacious, sensitive, proud, funny, fun-loving, with a mix of the extremely literal and the clever mountain hillbilly; courageous, and oftentimes given to histrionics. There is a flavor unique to the spirit of Filipino.

    Needless to say, my fellow Filipinos can do it more justice, and properly give a more accurate, laudable description that elevates it to the highest esteem of which we can share and experience great pride. A happy thought.

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