Photos of SOMArts Cultural Center Event, Night Light: Multi-Media Garden Party

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I went to the Night Light: Multi-Media Garden Party at the SOMArts Cultural Center. It was great seeing friends and meeting some wonderful artists. Below, you’ll find some footage I shot of Radka Pulliam‘s piece, Up and Down the Street. It’s quite clever in that the viewer must “look in” the building to “look out” at the street view. The placement was spot on since it was in a relatively inconspicuous place towards the front of the entrance. I noticed people stopped when they noticed someone looking down and ponder the location of the projection.

One of the memorable performances of the evening was the Spanish Contemporary dance routine of Elias Aguirre and Alvaro Esteban. They are amazing. The isolations and articulation of their bodies is best seen in person. If you were at Night Light, you would know exactly what I’m talking about. Fortunately, there is a video of this phenomenal Spanish Contemporary Dance duo.

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2 responses to “Photos of SOMArts Cultural Center Event, Night Light: Multi-Media Garden Party”

  1. That’s a far cry from Flamenco! You’re right- talk about creative- Elias Aguirre and Alvaro Esteban are amazing. They’re like a dance version of Metallica!

    (So far I only saw the Up and Down the Street and the dance Just the 2 videos.). I look forward to watching the rest later.)

    1. I wish I had more video of the evening but I wanted to experience the night and took photos and footage of what I could. Night Light was an excellent gathering of visual and performing artists. Really excited that I was able to see EAAE perform. Video doesn’t do their movements and talent justice.

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