Serenity NOW and some Secret Breakfast would be so amazing right about now…

Needing some of this stuff ASAP!

There is SO MUCH happening! Aaaaaah!! I love it but I’m realizing I need to step away from time to time. Lately, I’ve been allowing “break times”, which excludes writing and writing about art. So far, so good. I’m starting to feel refreshed again when I get back to the keyboard. I’ve been able to balance out work, writing, and art stuff a bit better. BUT I can’t help but share that I’ve had some very cool studio visits with some amazing folks that include…

Currently working on some new pieces for the next Asterisk SF issue as well as other work, which will remain a mystery until they’re published. The studio visits with these great artists has certainly reminded me that I need to step back from time to time, which is probably why I posted the Secret Breakfast photo above (EVEN though I’m lactose intolerant – Yes, this ice cream is worth the stomach cramps!). I’m also in need of checking out some movies, concerts, and anything fun that doesn’t require heavy use of my brain cells. 🙂 Suggestions totally welcome!

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8 responses to “Serenity NOW and some Secret Breakfast would be so amazing right about now…”

  1. I LOVE the ice cream name! I need to try it just because for that alone. Thanks for sharing – I’m trying to get more done these days, and still find myself having to ramp up my energy to get what I want/need to get done, done. This post – You’re swamped and you’re doing it, you just sent me energy. 🙂 Stepping away is so important, too.

    1. Hee hee! Yes! Pay a visit to Humphrey Slocumbe. I’ll keep the secret of why this particular ice cream is called Secret Breakfast.

      I’m really happy you that this post sent some energy your way. Your amazing drawing skills definitely have me exhausted (in a good way) when I look at them. Despite having a lot on my plate (like you), I have to remember that decompressing, stepping back, looking through and reading the books of artists that inspire me as well as reading FOR FUN (go figure!) is all healthy and good for me. Recently, I’ve been saving my energy for the massive amounts of reading and research I will be doing in grad school. The magazine and the curatorial practice has been fun and challenging BUT the writing, I feel, has actually improved WHEN I step away from it. Anyway, I’m rambling. Thanks again for all of your support. Please let me know when you have a show. I would love to check it out. 🙂

      1. I need to start doing more work! I have no idea when I’ll have a show so I’ve got to start working towards it. I’ll have to try the ice cream! Are you doing an MFA, or something different? You have a philosophy degree, right? (too cool!) As for a show – I will absolutely tell you when I have one. Thank you for the support & kind words about my art. It really goes a long way. Yeah, I’m finding the same thing about stepping back – I actually work better if I take a break now and then. I’m trying to not go back to the non-art working world, so this is going to be a very interesting process. Staying at the desk/easel with no break is the way I used to work. It just burnt me out, I think. 🙂 Keep writing and creating!!

      2. Well, when you have a show, just include me in on the distribution list and I will definitely go. I’ve always been in awe of your drawing skills. You’re incredibly talented and I’m excited to see what the future brings. Regarding the ice cream, YES, you will have to try it. It is amazing!

        To answer your question, I am pursuing my MA in Visual and Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts in the Fall. I’m really excited about starting and what the two years will bring. Either way, I know it’s something I need to do. You have a great memory. I double majored in both Philosophy and Psychology. Thank YOU for following my work and being incredibly supportive. I really appreciate it! 🙂

      3. I will so, so, so include you, Dorothy! I’m in transition – I’ve left the “high tech” arena and am working on building a portfolio while I study. I love philosophy – the more contemporary, the better. 🙂

      4. I’M happy, too! At the risk of being presumptuous, talent draws talent, and when they become kindred spirits, it’s so life enhancing. A thank you from me, too, Charcoal AddictQ

  2. That is one CRAFTY breakfast. Smaaart! There must be something luscious inside A CONTAINER THAT LOOKS LIKE INDUSTRIAL CLEANER!

    Suggestions? How about having a good friend and you do a weekend, or so, making a big batch of Mrs. Field’s Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies?

    You can give some of them to bank tellers, teachers, custodians- you name it!

    People who work hard deserve a free baked-to-perfection Mrs. Field’s cookie now and then.

    Since you’re artists there’ll be no sweat to clever designs and Eco-friendly packaging.

    Try getting a booth at a convention, with your friend, and just watch how fast those cookies get sold out!

    You might feel the need to go incognito, but trust me- you’ll get nothing but bonding, camaraderie, and a whole lot of respect!

    1. I LOVE your suggestion. I couldn’t help but think that bringing batches of cookies to bank tellers would make an AMAZING conceptual and performance piece. I KNOW. I know. EVERYTHING is art or an installation or a commentary on something! I can’t help it. One year, I actually gave Valentine’s day cards to complete strangers when they did something nice for me. It was an amazing feeling BUT that was not for art. It totally could have been.

      In any case, I will have to take you up on that suggestion. It would be pretty interesting to document it, which reminds me. With technology and the various ways to get your documentation out to the world…what exactly constitutes or defines the work of art (i.e., the performance or the documentation)? I was actually talking to a friend about this the other day! Anyway, THANK YOU (again) for always engaging with me. It’s nice to know I have company in this VAST virtual space. 😉

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