A Whole Lotta Art Stuff in One Week!

Artists, Jenifer Wofford and Mike Lai answering audience questions with prizes for the best questions (i.e., Shrimp paste, Kung Fu noodles, etc.)

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post! Usually, I’m pretty spot on with posting but there has been a flurry of activity. Last week, it was art week in San Francisco AND the inaugural ‘Asian Contemporary Art Week’ brought to the city by Asian Contemporary Arts Consortium. It’s difficult to really encapsulate a week’s worth of art activity ON TOP of my work week. I’m taking a break now to write this little blurb.

Last weeks highlights, you ask?

NOW, pictures to follow, which I will get to in the next day or two among other things… 😉 If you want immediate retinal gratification, check out my stream of Instagram photos here. Past art fair photos and write-ups can be found here, here, and here. The fancy pants camera photos coming soon!!

5 responses to “A Whole Lotta Art Stuff in One Week!”

  1. Saaay! How many days did I miss?

    The stuff up there is chock full of good stuff I’m going to sequester my hard-earned two cents for later, after I finish the matter of loading up my website with stuff from my new supplier.

    One blink tells me there’s a lot of colorful, engaging, and thought-provoking stuff up there. ‘Can’t wait to get to it!

    Betch’re life I’m gonna say something about it tonight fer shur!

    1. You didn’t miss any days! I missed an entire week. It’s been crazy (in a good way). So much going on and really wanting to keep the content fresh with Bay Area stuff. In any case, thanks so much for checking in and following up. A lot has happened and I STILL need to posts photos from the art fairs! Thanks again for all of your support.

  2. So far I’ve made it up to Satellite66 Gallery. Erik Parra’s Billboard (Twins), is so cuuuute!

    How awesome it is that Matt Ganucheau is giving a FREEBIE on how to apply programming fundamentals creatively. That kind of opportunity should not be missed!

    The first thing that impacted me, though, is the image for Bruno Mauro. It’s because right spanking before that I was looking at images of gall stones. (A friend just got out of the hospital after an appendectomy and was told she had gall stones.) The pillow opening up like that reminded me of the gall bladder images I had just seen, exposing the gall stones.

    I don’t know who PT is, but get a load of this amazing statement:
    “The paradox of loss is that it can make a person’s presence acutely felt in the very instance they become irretrievably out of reach. Only art has that same power.”

    HERE’S something I would shamelessly make a go for: Artists, Jenifer Wofford and Mike Lai answering audience questions WITH PRIZES FOR THE BEST QUESTIONS (i.e., Shrimp paste, Kung Fu noodles, etc.) What genius!

    I watched Seven Ways to Make Eggplant and it reminded me of a date I had at a Greek restaurant where I filled up on eggplant, and another time where I watched a Flamenco show. Lots of percussion and there was even some acrobatic feats done by the dancers.

    Are the assistants Niki and Monica Magtoto by any chance related to Felix Magtoto?

    1. Satellite66 is one of my favorite places. The gallery owner and the gallery director are incredibly nice people. They really care about the Tenderloin community as well. It’s a rough part of San Francisco, for sure, but to get to know the neighborhood and be there despite the challenges is pretty remarkable. I’m a complete optimist, of course.

      About Matt’s work and teaching, he is pretty freaking generous when it comes to knowledge. Very intelligent guy and he loves working collaboratively with creative types. He’s been a great friend and art twin, most definitely!

      Jenifer Wofford always puts on a great performance. I’m fortunate that she has been a mentor and friend. I was impressed with Mike Lai’s work with Charming Hostess. It was great and perfect for Asian Contemporary Art Week. Looking forward to next year’s ACAW. As for Niki and Monica, I thought the same thing. I thought they might be related to one of Dad’s friends. Not sure, I would have to ask Jenifer.

      Regarding the Art Practical issue dedicated to Bruno Mauro, well, PM = Patricia Maloney curated shows at Ampersand (which was the SF gallery owned by the late Bruno Mauro). Sadly, I never had the opportunity to meet him but heard so many wonderful things about him. I know Patricia worked closely with him and I know the loss was very difficult. Her moving intro to the latest issue really got to me, actually. She’s an incredibly writer and one of my art heroes. Definitely an amazing role model for the aspiring art writer/critic. In any case, my favorite lines (although I loved the entire thing) were the last two, “We can also conjure voids and fleeting gestures that are no less profound for their ephemerality or immateriality. Fuck transcendence; I will always prefer the presence of objects and the space in between them.” The ‘F’ word has never had so much impact on me because I agree. When Dad passed away, even though we had our difficult times, I STILL wanted him around because the human body grows accustomed to presence. I guess that’s why breaking up with someone, someone’s passing, or lossing a pet is so heartbreaking…you come to know what they feel like, physically, and what you feel like when their around you. I know Mr. Mauro is definitely keeping his legacy alive with him family but also with all the artists and writers that continue to make art.

  3. P.S.–I forgot- I meant to add that you and your agenda reminded me of one Star Trek episode, where the crew picked up on a buzzing sound, and it turned out that the sound was a product of, I think, people occupying the same space but moving at practically warped speed. I wish I could do that!

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