First Oakland Art Murmur 2013!

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4 responses to “First Oakland Art Murmur 2013!”

  1. Nice close-up shots! I’m awestruck by how diverse and enormous Art Murmur has become. I was there in December, and it felt like the whole city was out. I remember when it was just a bunch of hipsters and a couple galleries around 24th. I often feel overwhelmed by the crowds, which sometimes make it hard to actually *see* anything. You do a nice job in this slideshow of honing in on some details.

    1. Thanks so much, Molly! Since many of the galleries are on the numbered streets, the art folks have to work their way around the street vendors. It has become quite the interesting art event, to say the least. Like you, I remember when Telegraph wasn’t closed off and I was able to actually walk through and view the artwork. I think Johansson Projects and Rock Paper Scissors dominate the attention of the Art Murmur goers because they are actually on Telegraph. I’m thinking of going on Saturday Strolls versus First Fridays. We’ll see. I definitely would love to write more about the East Bay art scene.

  2. Read this article gives you an interesting perspective on First Friday (Formelly known as Art Murmur)

  3. I like the YES sign, the Grizzly Bear jacket, and the Ford Mustang the best (although I would be owning a different choice of car if Uncle Sam would let me drive).

    I appreciate the close up of the Tea Bag comforter. I’m thinking there could be tea or some similar herbs embedded to repel bed bugs, etc.

    All of the artworks are really nice. But you know me; I’m partial to the ones that make me think the least.

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