Sleep is for Dead People (or so they say)


I know, I know. I’m killing you with cuteness, eh?

The Internet sure does offer some pretty awesome stuff. But the digital age has me living four lives (work, school, personal, and freelance). Every now and again, I need a cute kitten picture to help me get through all the theory, the spreadsheets, and freak-out moments, and community work. I stay busy. Thinking about the past year, I’ve done a lot of growing up. Even my voice has changed. I’m not so scared to speak up and no longer speak with trepidation. Next week will, officially, mark the end of my first year of graduate school. Although the first semester was marked by extreme sadness with the passing of my grandfather during midterms , acquiring more personal projects, and a recent move, it has been an incredible time of learning, self-reflection, and growth. Who needs sleep when there’s so much to do? Right? Side note: For the record, I do sleep (I get about 7 hours a night, please don’t ask how, I just do).

I’ll tell you about my projects and post regularly as soon as the summer hits. This was just a quick note to say everything is going well and like kitty, I’m bright-eyed and ready for the whatever comes my way for the rest of the year.

Love and terabytes,


2 responses to “Sleep is for Dead People (or so they say)”

  1. ATTA GIRL!!! You’ve championed a veritable obstacle course- you’re commissioned officer material, now. (And, uh-oh, you gave me every excuse to, besides techno-geeky stuff, send you a barrage of my favorite stuff- cuteness!)

    1. Thank you so much, Sis! I think much of the easy work is behind me so I’m glad I relished the first year of grad school. The hard part is thesis year but I’m really excited and will be taking a writing lab over the summer to keep the intellectual juices flowing. Thanks again for all of your support. 🙂

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