John Fluevog + Visual Aid = Shop for a Cause


Better late than never! I wanted to let folks know about something special going on at the John Fluevog Haight Street Store today. They will be donating 50% from purchases made today between 3-7 pm to Visual Aid. 50%!!!! That’s a rarity from any other well-known fashion and shoe designer (okay, I’m being dramatic but it is pretty uncommon). In any case, Visual Aid is a special organization that focuses on helping artists living with terminal illnesses to continue making art. Visual Aid has helped artists for 19 years! Let’s help them out by snagging some great looking shoes. Click on the flyer above to learn more about John Fluevog and learn more about

Last but not least, my favorite fashion blog on John Fluevogs is right here!!

One response to “John Fluevog + Visual Aid = Shop for a Cause”

  1. “Being dramatic”? Nay, a stroke of genius coming from a beneficent heart! (That’s why sometimes I hate myself [okay, sometimes I’m given to histrionics] when I don’t check beloved e-mails and social media.) But, I hope and imagine it must have been a huge success! 😀

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