Why blogging frequently doesn’t work for me?


From the time I woke up to reaching the tail end of my work day and crossing things off my to-do list, I felt compelled to write a post about the frequency I post to my blog. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Why the hell should I care how often you post? It’s YOUR blog.” True. But as a budding writer and theorist, writing becomes your life. It’s almost a religious experience. If I miss a day or a week of it, I feel incredibly guilty and in need of some major penance for committing the cardinal sin of not writing  (I was born and raised Catholic so pardon the reference). This past weekend, I was talking to one of my brilliant mentors, crystal am nelson, and she reminded me of my “real” work. From our conversation, I gleaned much of the writing where I crave engagement is the writing I’m doing for grad school and the organizations I work closely with. It’s also the research I’m working on to make certain that I’m sharing authentic information and well thought out writing with the public. This past year, I’ve taken a hit for not blogging consistently. It’s a HARD a$$ job to produce quality content. I’m telling you…it’s challenging. Try it.

I will say this, it’s been a joy reading through critical theory (at the moment, my desk has texts from Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Michel Foucault, Deleuze & Guattari, Vito Campanelli and Brian Massumi) for my lit review this summer and learning so much for new and old friends. I’m trying to find ways to make these texts accessible to the public. Trust me, I’m working on that part, in particular. I feel compelled to document EVERY single thing I learn and start to think, “I don’t need to share…not just yet.” I want you to read quality writing (or about my feelings and emotions around my studies and writings which may or may not be equally compelling BUT I’m trying to foster a relationship with you, dear reader).

So yeah…

The compulsion to share ourselves runs rampant in our digital culture but not so much in real life (IRL). Imagine if everyone shared and liked the way we do online but in real life. Oh boy! That would be pretty wild. The world has changed and there was a point, back in 2011, I blogged everyday so I could become more visible to the public and a create a potential audience. I wanted to experiment with the notion of content creation. In retrospect, it was a great exercise which reminded me that the new is never going to be new enough. Quality writing and thoughtful content actually takes time. But we are led to believe we don’t have enough of it. Similar to the prey of the fulmar chick, the orange sticky oil actually hit my feathers at some point. I was drowning in information. Even through all my current research, I’m realizing how much I don’t know BUT that it’s okay. So after all this rambling, how did I clean my feathers and get some fulmar chick vomit-resistant steel?

  1. I started to realize and remind myself, I only have one brain, two arms, two legs, one heart, and one life.
  2. Accepting I’m not going to understand everything I read and that’s OK.
  3. Sharing my struggles will reach the people they are supposed to reach. I will make the proper connections and create fruitful work with the “right” people.
  4. It’s OK to write pages of crap to work through theory and my own biases…there’s bound to be a gem in there somewhere.

For anyone interested in what I learned specifically from my grad school experience, you can view my virtual notebook here.

Okay, okay…so you want some real news, eh? Fine. This also explains why I don’t blog on a regular basis.

  • The Style Issue for Asterisk SF has gone to press! I had the pleasure of writing about styling firm Retrofit Republic and Bay Area artist Mia Christopher
  • As a part of the Free Form Film Festival team and new site launch, which is JUST around the corner, I’m excited to announce I will be working on the FFFF Extended channel, which will include writing, essays, and critical discussion on new media artworks and experimental film making (forthcoming!!)
  • Recently joined the contributor team over at The Civic Beat founded by phenomenal artist, designer, writer, and culture critic, An Xiao (she JUST spoke at TedGlobal 2013 – So exciting!!) and working on a piece about academic memes and fair wages for academics (forthcoming!!)
  • I will be co-presenting with Hyperallergic writer, Ben Valentine, and net artist Ian Aleksander Adams, at ZERO1 in August!!! The working title for our panel discussion, “The Art and Culture Critic: Examining the Expanding Role of the Writer in Arts and Technology” We are INCREDIBLY excited about this opportunity.

There are other things going on but not anything I can post and make public (yet). So please stay tuned and engage. Ask questions, make comments, and feel free to collaborate if you feel moved. I would love to hear from you. I know what you’re thinking now…”Do you sleep?” The answer: Yes. I’m just better at dodging bullets, putting out fires, and I write EVERYTHING down. 😉 Til next time. Be well.

All the best,


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12 responses to “Why blogging frequently doesn’t work for me?”

  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Your cup is runneth over and your plate is full with all of these new and ongoing engagements. In other word, you are a hot property very much in demand! 🙂

    1. Thanks SoundEagle!

      My cup feels like a big bowl sometimes. I know I do this all to myself, really. Thanks for the kind words but I think it’s all because I’ve been trying to manifest community engagement and engage in bridgework within the Arts. I definitely have to find the time to balance and take a break. Many thanks again for your kind words.

      1. You are very welcome, Dorothy. I have had a look at some of the other websites to which you refer.

        Happy June to you!

  2. This is probably a misquote but, hearsay has it that the Buddha believed one can only be enlightened in the moment, and that awareness varies continuously. I take this to mean, no matter how “on fire” you are, you can’t be super, every minute of every day.

    1. DanCoyote!!!!

      You are so right! Unless you are the character from Fantastic Four but even he couldn’t touch anything, right?! Whether it is a misquote or not, you bring up such a great point about enlightenment and how there is a constant fluctuation in our acquisition of knowledge that helps guide us towards that path. I have learned to be okay with the ice cold days where I’m not producing. Hoping we can catch up soon.

  3. Hey, your hillbilly sister here! Oh, but I do know the feeling of exhilaration all this engenders!

    You’re probably a good example of “water seeking its own level”, and performing another strong act of intellect like the stroke of an artist without even knowing.

    Funny. That’s SISTER talk. Going back to the vacuous hillbilly with Joey-speak- lol. Srsly. KThxBai! 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Sis. I’m so lucky that you support me. Hoping all is well and we find some time to catch up. I know it’s been such a long time. Again, wishing you well in everything you do. ❤

  4. […] Why blogging frequently doesn’t work for me?. […]

  5. Sometimes with how the various stages of writing play out, it can feel like you can’t accomplishing or finishing work — but it is all part of the process. And you’re right to mention, too, that it’s okay to not understand everything you read.

    Congratulations on the upcoming activities/events! I can’t wait to hear more.

    1. Thanks, Em.

      The various stages of writing definitely frustrate, excite, and sometimes infuriate me. It’s all a cycle. I think we all have our good and bad days with the process. It’s funny because I look at you and others in the cohort and think, “Damn, do they ever not have something brilliant to say or write!” I’m always amazed out what our group produces, individually and collectively. I definitely think working in a group and encouraging one another throughout the summer is helping me out A LOT. I don’t feel so alone in the writing and research process.

      By the way, I need to pay you a visit to see that Magic Lantern. SO awesome and sweet of Lydia to do that. 🙂

  6. “I’m trying to find ways to make these texts accessible to the public….I want you to read quality writing (or about my feelings and emotions around my studies and writings which may or may not be equally compelling…)”

    I would find both these things compelling, and I look forward to your future posts…when you find the time!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. Read through your blog and interested in how you are finding your way around the Internet as an Anonymous blogger? I think it’s fantastic. There’s quite a bit of mystery to your online presence that probably allows you to experience some freedom in expression! I’m curious. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to following your blog. 🙂

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