Emotional Materiality Across Mixed Realities

Join me on Friday, May 1, 2 pm PST / 5PM EST as I moderate a panel discussion with Well Now WTF? artists Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Tiare Ribeaux, and Carla Gannis, and Telematic Gallery director Clark Buckner.

Each of the artists on the panel have created work that explores different kinds of representations of the body, embodiment in virtual space, and the non-human subject. The conversation will unpack how emotions are rendered and mediated by digital technologies, and how different affective experiences unfold across mixed realities to inform newfound modes of being born in contemporary media landscapes.

To learn more, please click here to visit the Silicon Valet website and read about the online exhibition Well Now, WTF? curated by Faith Holland, Lorna Mills, and Wade Wallerstein.

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