Artist: Christine Wong Yap

This past Wednesday, I went to the opening, In Other Words, at the Intersection for the Arts and snapped a few photos on my phone. I really need to start lugging around my fancy camera. Although mobile devices may come in handy, art (all forms) deserve the prestige that tons of pixels can actually deliver.

One of my art heroes, Christine Wong Yap, was a featured artist in the show. She is one of the artist-writers that gave me the resources and guidance towards art writing. I appreciate her and constantly feel inspired by her work, work ethic, and writing. Her art looks at human behavior related to optimism and pessimism. One of my writing projects includes a lengthier write-up about the show, which is forthcoming. For now, please click here to view more of her work.

Artist: Christine Wong Yap

Here’s a short bio for Christine Wong Yap. Text Source: Artist Website ~ Interested in a full bio, click here

Christine Wong Yap is an interdisciplinary artist working in installations, sculptures, multiples, and works on paper to explore optimism and pessimism. Her work examines the paradox that mundane materials or situations can give rise to irrational expectations, emotions, and experiences. Major touchstones are language, light and dark, and psychology. Her work has been exhibited extensively in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as in New York, Los Angeles, Manila, Osaka, London, Newcastle, and Manchester (U.K.). Born in California, Yap holds a BFA and MFA from the California College of the Arts. A longtime resident of Oakland, CA, she relocated to New York, NY in 2010.

Artist: Susan O’Malley

Susan O’Malley makes you stop and look (and read) and wonder. There’s an interesting dialogue that occurs when you’re confronted with a sign. Typically, signage is up high on some awning or words and images on a billboard but you look. It’s part of our environment. You’re probably thinking, “Why is a sandwich board in a gallery considered art?” Well, the short answer is that it leads to an interaction. From this piece, I learned sandwich boards are prohibited outside of the premises, which O’Malley found interesting considering all the wonderful things happening inside the San Francisco Chronicle building (I’m referring to the placard that explains a bit more about the works).

Artist: Susan O'malley

Here’s a bio for Susan O’Malley. Text Source: Artist Website ~ Please visit her site here

I am drawn to simple and recognizable tools of engagement—offering a Pep Talk, installing a roomful of inspirational posters, distributing flyers in a neighborhood’s mailbox, conducting a doodle competition at a high school— in order to offer entry into an understood, and sometimes humorous, interaction of everyday life. Ultimately, I am looking for a moment between you and me, a diversion from our lives so that maybe we can understand each other better.

I received an MFA from California College of the Arts’ Social Practice Area. My work has exhibited in Bay Area galleries, including Southern Exposure, Mission 17, Ping Pong Gallery and CCA’s PlaySpace.

More to follow…