Artist: Lauren DiCioccio

I wanted to share one of my art crushes, Lauren DiCioccio.

DiCioccio looks at common items and puts an entirely different spin on what it means to create art from life. You know, the whole art imitates life and/or life imitates art thing? Well, she certainly makes you wonder what would happen if we put just as much labor into the everyday things. She is currently showing at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and I must say, since it’s Valentine’s day weekend, I thought I would spread the love.

4 responses to “I heart LAUREN DICIOCCIO!”

  1. This is AWESOME! It took a few moments for me to realize what I was looking at, but then… WOW! Such amazing detail and concept! I can totally understand the crush 🙂

    1. I know, Lauren DiCioccio is a fantastic artist and wondering how her work will progress. She is one of those artists that solidifies that craft can totally be fine arts. Although I don’t like labels and classification, the categorization still exists and will, most likely, persist. Glad you found her working engaging, das!

  2. This is so inspiring: I am an embroiderer, too. I really enjoy her Dear Soldier project; involving seniors was pure genius.

    1. I’m glad Ms. DiCioccio’s work is inspiring to you. I agree. Looking at other artists is so important and not necessarily because you want to mimic what they do but to put your own experiences, knowledge, and story into your own work. You’re quite talented. I only knew you as a great writer but embroiderer as well? Awesome! And, yes, I agree, I love the Dear Soldier project!

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