New Language: Englyph

Tim Roseborough’s language, Englyph, puts a different perspective on text-based art. At first, it’s difficult to envision Englyph as synonymous with English because it’s rather foreign (literally). As Roseborough explains in his piece, Notes In/troducing Englyph, the aim is to take what we know and make it into something we don’t know. Truthfully, if Englyph were the only mode of communication, I’m sure the reader would begin to create and affix meaning to the characters over time. Yet, who wants to brave this territory? Who is willing to engage in this process of reduction? Glyph by glpyh? Interestingly enough, this mode of interactive, text-based art has me convinced that Roseborough’s future projects will further push our understanding and perceptions of visual language and, perhaps, giving a new meaning to symbolic language.

To fully grasp his art work, you must interact with the piece online. Please click here to experience Englyph.

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