Aaron Nagel, Painter

Yes, folks, I still love painting and I still write about artists who use traditional methods. I wanted to give you a little taste of what’s to come. I’m currently working on an article about Bay Area artist, Aaron Nagel. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him to discuss his art and practice BUT here’s a great video from the Warholian. Enjoy!

Artist Aaron Nagel Studio Interview – Warholian Profile Series – Warholian.com from Warholian on Vimeo.

One response to “Aaron Nagel, Painter”

  1. As a former figure model, I find myself stunned by the photographic realism exemplified in these pieces.

    As a poet/creative individual who also works frequently responding both to the power/aesthetic of women and the social pressure/tradition of Catholicism, I have appreciation for the method he speaks of. Though he skimmed over the subject of stigmata -becoming violent when it is lifted from the crucifixion and placed on a woman, I’d like to sit there for a minute. Place a Pause.

    I feel that the violence becomes charged and enhanced through his work. From the mind’s eye, I see a woman surviving the stigmata. Perhaps the violence is committed against the tradition (implying martyrdom and the active erasure female power). I look forward to seeing these pieces in-person (the pieces having personhood).

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