[ fernando orellana ] SLIDEWAYS @ Satellite 66

New Media Artist, Fernando Orellana – Image Source: Artist Website
Click on the images to learn more about the artist, Fernando Orellana, and his current show at Satellite 66 gallery. It was fantastic meeting the artist and talking about new media, electronic, and robotic art. Review to follow. Hang tight. Will be posting soon…

Invisible Canine, 2011 ~ Archival Inkjet Print – Image Source: Artist Website

4 responses to “[ fernando orellana ] SLIDEWAYS @ Satellite 66”

  1. You are the curator, these days… for me at least. Going to The Dorothy Santos Gallery builds a temperate canopy where I can ingest whatever you put in my plate. I’m open to your mind and find your source connections through conversation or theory-bridge to be enlightening.

    I went right to The Listeners on [ fernando orellana ] SLIDEWAYS @ Satellite 66’s page. There I found myself in NY again. Home is all around, huh. I do hope you go to Buffalo, NY someday and find yourself immersed in the galleries that have moved me most~ The Albright Knox, CEPA Gallery, Hallwalls, Burchfield Penney Art Center and last and never least, Griffis Sculpture Park. Oh, a time you will have. I promise.

    1. You’re too kind. I definitely want to get into more curatorial work in 2012 (for sure). Trying to get that off the ground and looking for some artists that really excite me. We’ll see what the new year brings. I’ve already found a few that I would love to work with but it’s a matter of the stars aligning.

      Sometimes, my brain gets caught up in the theory and desire to be critical that I forget to be descriptive. I’m working on this. Really working to showcase the complex and abstract in a simple way where people WANT to engage and enter into the dialogue (comfortably).

      About exploring Buffalo, NY, my friend was telling me about the great art in that area. I’m wondering if you know anything about Troy, NY. A new artist friend suggested I check out the artwork and art programs at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

  2. I can’t believe I forgot El Museo. Point is, pick up an Artvoice (our community art mag) and enjoy yourself.

    1. Saved Artvoice as a favorite. Thank you for ALWAYS sharing and your engagement. It means A LOT to me. 🙂

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