Le Révélateur – Bleu Nuit (2011) | Video Art by Sabrina Ratté

BLEU NUIT from Sabrina Ratté on Vimeo.

My videos are often the result of experiments with tools and softwares that anyone can have access to. The challenge is to find ways to use these tools in order to create new forms and new perspectives on the aesthetic of video. I am mostly inspired by the diverse manifestations of light; artificial, electronic or natural. Recently I’ve been exploring the possibilities of generating light through video feedbacks, and in finding new ways of using presets included in different editing softwares.

~ Sabrina Ratte on her creative motion process | Source: Triangulation Blog

If I haven’t mentioned it (total plug for Rhizome), when you become a Rhizome member, you get access to The Download, a monthly featured artwork available ONLY to members! Totally worth it. Although this is only the 2nd installment, it’s been a treat to receive the official The Download e-mail!! Just some food for thought…

Sadly, I was unable to embed my latest Rhizome Download, Activated Memory (2011) by Sabrina Ratte to this post. In its place is another one of her pieces, Bleu Nuit. At the moment, I’m writing an essay on Nik Hanselmann and his video and programming art work (which I’m hoping to send off for review and editing soon). It’s safe to assume that I’ve looked at video art and re-visiting older new media works (i.e., La Mamelle/ART COM, Bruce Newman, and Bill Viola). In the process of finding text that speaks to Ratte’s work, I found a great new blog, Triangulation. Definitely worth a visit and some great reading as well.

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