El Secreto la Pelicula (aka The Biggest Piece of Spam I’ve ever received)

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One of the most intriguing things about the world-wide web is its virtual tumbleweed of randomness (aka Spam messaging). In the past couple of days, I received about 20+ spam messages in my WordPress Comment Inbox BUT this one in particular intrigued me. First, I have a strange fascination with its length. Quite frankly, I can’t help but look at it. I don’t dare read it word for word but what would happen if I did? Or, reading parts versus the whole? It’s not the humdrum message about lengthening my non-existent penis or discount drugs. It’s, literally, a hodge podge of nothingness (two smilies in tow) and you know what, I kinda dig it. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy but there’s something about the modern-day ‘junk’ mail and virtual clutter we receive that really makes me wonder – where does it all come from?

I’m also reminded of video work, New News, by art collective/performers, What We Know So Far. Then again, what doesn’t remind me of art?

The pseudo news reporting is actually text from spam e-mail messages. You have to listen carefully but isn’t it strange how it seems, looks, and feels like a legitimate news cast? Now, imagine watching news in a foreign language. Would there be something particularly meaningful to you? Probably not because you wouldn’t know what is being communicated but what visual cues give way to its importance or unimportance? Anyway, this is why I enjoy work such as New News. It’s a great commentary on culture, media, and our collective attention spans.

New News from Mike Rugnetta on Vimeo.

Enjoy, reflect, and feel free to comment on this [random, non sequitur] use of language.

One response to “El Secreto la Pelicula (aka The Biggest Piece of Spam I’ve ever received)”

  1. […] few posts back, I shared a performance/video art based on spam messaging. This time around, I wanted to post about artist, Alex Dragulescu. […]

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