Gray Area Foundation for the Arts Galvanize Gala

Aaron Koblin (Artist and Board Member), Peter Hirshberg (Chairman), and Josette Melchor (Executive Director & Founder)

While volunteering for the GAFFTA Galvanize Gala, I had the opportunity to meet Aaron Koblin before the big rush of people. Yes, was completely artist-struck and geeked out but he was incredibly sweet. I’m really happy I introduced myself because he noticed my GAFFTA Volunteer badge and thanked me for volunteering. Yet, another geek out moment happened when I met John Gage, he was extremely kind. Overall, seeing some of the Board Members and meeting GAFFTA Faculty was fantastic.

Eclectic Method

Eclectic Method DJed the event and I must say, I was pretty mesmerized by the pop culture montage. I captured some video and will post separately.


Finally, the GAFFTA bling created by talented artist Nicole Apetkar.

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