Lecture by Scott Summit, Co-Founder of Bespoke Innovations

Enjoyed a lecture by Scott Summit at the California College of the Arts yesterday evening. Being a huge fan of the lecture series at CCA, I love the fact that the artist talks are open and free to the public. If you find yourself in San Francisco, it’s definitely great to take advantage of these events (especially if you want to keep yourself apprised of art and design). Above, I posted Summit’s TedxCambridge Talk. Although last night’s lecture was geared towards budding industrial designers, I found it extremely informative and learned some new things (i.e., additive fabrication/manufacturing). Overall, it was fascinating to see concepts designed virtually and brought to fruition through additive fabrication (aka 3D modeling). Having a profound interest in the translation between virtual to physical (and vice versa), the presentation was pretty enthralling. As for some of the conceptual and creative aspects of industrial design, Summit stated the importance of the following in the design process.

  1. Create uniqueness
  2. Design like Nature
  3. Create for the Body
  4. Increase Complexity to Reduce Cost
  5. Start a product company with no upfront cost
  6. Really (Truly) Optimize – Perform, Feedback, and Revision
  7. See things you couldn’t see before
  8. Low Power Consumption
  9. Self Replication – The machine’s ability to print itself

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4 responses to “Lecture by Scott Summit, Co-Founder of Bespoke Innovations”

  1. My opinion is somewhat biased, nevertheless,

    I am amazed yet not surprised that Dorothy got so much out of that short lecture. Her views are indeed multi-dimensional, fueled by sensitivity and compassion.

    I haven’t been impressed by anything like that since fractals. This guy’s a hero in his sphere just like Steve Jobs was at his.

    1. I definitely believe artwork that addresses human need and helps solve a complex problem (in this case, helping amputees showcase something different in such a beautiful way). Summit stated during his lecture that Bespoke is not trying to re-create a human leg but to showcase the difference in such a way where the fairing serves as a memorial and sculpture. I like that idea and it was wonderful hearing him talk about something he is very passionate about.

  2. I’m glad he mentioned that because that’s a point that, I think, could be easily missed. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were tears present…

    1. Well, there were a bunch of too-cool-for-school types, well, ironically, at an art school. 😉

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