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I’ve been playing around with different ways to blog and coming up with ways to stay connected to friends and family that have expressed a profound interest to know more about art (of any kind). Well, I’m hoping some of you latch on to this idea of Breaktime posts. Think about it, how long is your break at work? About 10-15 minutes, right? Now, instead of wasting the time engaging in some virtual stalking of the person you like/admire/dislike, why not watch or read something during those 10-15 minutes and delve into something you may have never seen or known before. I’m serious. If you look at infographics about how much time, collectively, we all spend tweeting and facebooking (now, you know we do this A LOT if those very words have become not only part of our lexicon but we use them as verbs), you will understand how much time we spend watching, viewing, reading, not-reading, and engaging virtually. Okay, off the soap box! Watch the video above on Typography. A little secret (which isn’t much of a secret now): I went to art school for a couple of years and studied graphic design and illustration. I’m a SUCKER for typography. And, um, if you’re wondering, creating an original typeface is hard. Very challenging. More difficult to design great and effective type than you think. Trust me (or do it yourself – and NO, changing Arial font on your gDoc from regular to bold and italicizing it DOES NOT count). All right, go forth and enjoy your break time!! 😉

Visit PBS Arts here to learn more

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3 responses to “Use your Breaktime wisely – Typography | Off Book | PBS Arts”

  1. i LOVE typography … did i ever tell you that? we can dish later. thanks for sharing this!

  2. No wonder you’re a SUCKER for typography–it’s so YOU!

    I never knew what went behind such genius is called ‘typography’. Learning about these things are vital and life-enhancing. I can barely imagine the energy and emotion it takes to create such brilliance. It reminds me of how much we take for granted the forces that move us from day-to-day.

    About breaks, I’m seriously taking your advice to heart, because I’ve been doing just the opposite–one long break and 10-15 minutes of labor!

    1. I love the way you think…one long break and 10-15 minutes of labor. That sounds so awesome and the way life should be. 🙂

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