Want to know what Communication Overload sounds like? Listen to this!

Matt Ganucheau does it again. Yet another awesome recommendation. This time, in the form of a musical short film that may be all too familiar to folks watching this now. Please feel free to leave a comment about how this resonates with you OR how it doesn’t. I’m curious and would love to hear what you think.

6 responses to “Want to know what Communication Overload sounds like? Listen to this!”

  1. Looks to me like communication overload is some kind of growing monster spawned from the sea of information glut.

    I like the way he packs all that in a short film gently and creatively, without being harsh or offensive.

    1. I think Crutchfield’s piece is just enough to get us to think about how connected we are and how consuming information and connection can be in this digital age.

  2. It’s very clever and funny. All kinds of stimuli are portrayed, and of course, I can see that the visuals are as carefully crafted. (For me the most memorable parts are the birds tweeting, and his tumbling down the stairs landing face-to-face with a ferocious bear, rug.)

    1. Yeah, those were definitely great parts. The bear probably suffered from communication overload (which is probably why s/he is a rug now!) Ha ha. Thanks again for commenting and being engaged. It means a lot. 🙂

  3. Yes, user-friendly, family-safe, almost, dare I say, Disney-pretty. I also see this as communication underload/absence/vacancy. What can be said without eyeballs from human to human? Really. Ok, I realize this is a blog post comment seething with hypocrisy but seriously… Seriously. It’s brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes. I completely understand. Your comment is timely. One of my friends wrote a comment about her frustration with Facebook and social networking, which is related to this discussion of communication overload. I responded with, “I’ve learned more about time management and self-care through creating boundaries. If I want five people versus the 1000 to know, I call and connect. If I know there are specific people I want to see at art shows, I tell those people I’m needing connection. Bottom line: Working with what you have and how you can leverage the technology versus being upset with it. Humans created the technology. It didn’t create itself”. I whole heartedly believe that arts (all forms from painting to sculpture to new media/programming/hacking) are integral and imperative in our world. They teach us how to step back…much like this short film…and look at what we are doing and not doing in our lives. Thanks again, Liz!

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