Casey Reas Artist Talk and Drawing Workshop at The Creators Project

Casey Reas at The Creators Project: San Francisco 2012 Arts and Tech Festival | Artist Talk and Drawing Workshop

Please forgive the poor quality of the photo above. Took it with my phone and it’s a bit dark. I will be posting more on The Creators Project (I actually took my fancy pants camera and will be downloading more photos). For now, I wanted to share my favorite experience at The Creators Project – Casey Reas!

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This past year, I’ve tried to commit to learning Processing and the basics (we’re talking absolute basics of Java Script via Code Year). In earlier posts, I’ve expressed the desire to learn programming because it provides me with insight on the artist-technologist’s creative process and the problem solving they must work through. Reading through the book, Form + Code: In Design, Art, and Architecture, has been informative on the use of creative coding to create visual and interactive art works. Over the weekend, I made my way to Fort Mason for The Creators Project (CP).

Walking up to Casey Reas and introducing myself to him before his artist talk and drawing workshop was, by far, the best part of The CP weekend. I’m trying to imagine a Justin Bieber fan. Whatever emotions they might feel, that’s probably how I felt when I met Mr. Rheas (minus the crying and screaming). Yes, I’m a huge fan and the fact that this particular art hero is a sweet guy – total icing on the cake.

It’s been extremely busy these past few weeks but I will definitely post more photos of the weekend and share some thoughts on the overall exhibition and artworks I experienced at CP! More to follow…

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4 responses to “Casey Reas Artist Talk and Drawing Workshop at The Creators Project”

  1. Wow- I liked what little I saw. I can’t wait to get home, relax, and read the posts!

    (I took a photography course one time. The assignments I didn’t turn in was photographs of babies.That’s why I have a great appreciation for it.There’s so much more to it than just a flat, 2-dimensional image which I had regarded that way before.)

    Until later…

  2. Oh, no- I lost it again!

    Anyway, you are reaching the height and depth and breath your craft can reach. You are really kicking a!

    I say that because you’re not just learning a language, you’re learning a Language. I had computer programming and all I could hazily remember were three things: 1) that TV programming was going from analog to digital, to give space to other networks, 2) that the gaming industry will probably be the most lucrative in this new age, and 3) cut and paste is really handy for programming.

    The mechanics of the mind never cease to amaze me. I’m talking about nerds and you, but of course the cute one.

    The brain power required is tantamount to the kind of mind that cracks the Hammurabi Code. It’s all Greek to me; and fascinating, too.

    I’m gonna do a cursory check on this Casey Reas person. (His name made me think of Jamie Foxx’s because I thought he was a girl.) Mr. Reas must be of the kind of caliber that broke the mold, for you to hold him in such high esteem.(A smile emoticon goes here.)

    1. Learning programming is definitely fun and has its challenges BUT I think the real challenge is actually creating programs, apps, and software that is functional and/or serves some sort of purpose. I would love to ‘build’ something from the skills I acquire but it will be a LONG time and lots of practice. One day, I’m hoping to have more consistency and continuity to my programming practice. We’ll see. I really have so much catch up to do BUT a dear friend recently sent me the Daniel Shiffman’s Processing book. I’m excited about that!

  3. MIT? Wowww- that’s big time!

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