The Neurology of Gaming

Hanging out, catching up on some reading, listening to music, and digging through favorites I’ve stashed for chill out evenings like tonight. Found this infographic for The Neurology of Gaming. A lot of the positive and negative effects of gaming are relatively common sense but “parts of the brain activated” by game play make the graphic worth perusing. I can’t wait to delve into arts and tech research. Game design and theory has piqued my interest lately. My goodness, so much to read. For now, an infographic will do!

2 responses to “The Neurology of Gaming”

  1. had not seen this infographic before. love! and have we talked about my interest in gamification, game theory, etc.? i would like to learn more about you interest being piqued. and of course, earlier this week was the gamification summit in s.f., where someone did a live stream on . . . i’ll also be sharing this on my blog.

    1. Thanks for the comment. We have not discussed your interest in gaming and game theory. I will be covering an event this weekend. Will be posting about it early next week. Let’s talk soon.

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