Theorizing the Web 2013 Conference #TtW13

Theorizing the Web 2013 #TtW13
Theorizing the Web 2013 #TtW13

If you are in the New York area (Hunter College, specifically) from March 1-2, please consider attending the Theorizing the Web 2013 Conference. I will be presenting my research as a part of a panel discussion titled, “You are what you Post” during the Saturday breakout sessions. I will also be serving as a hashtag moderator for the panel, “The Participatory Culture Industry.” The conference will be live streamed so if you are remote, no fear. You will be able to log on for an augmented conference experience. It is an extreme honor to be included in such fine company! Look out for my tweets and tumblr posts. It would also be wonderful to see you on the Twitter stream during the conference. 🙂 Please click on the flyer above for more details!

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2 responses to “Theorizing the Web 2013 Conference #TtW13”

  1. I’ll plug in when my monitor gets fixed.

    “You Are What You Post”? What could be more relevant than that? (Vinny, Fluffy, Simi, Jenny and Penny will be especially interested in that discussion!) 😀

    1. Thanks again! It will be awesome, for sure. Hoping you are able to live stream the panel discussion and Q&A. You are also able to log onto Twitter for an augmented conference experience. 🙂

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